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I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny these past few months. Despite the “cool to hate it” rep it has acquired around the gaming scene, I’ve been enjoying it’s grindy, current gen take on the old Phantasy Star Online gameplay model. Most of the game’s best content requires non-random co-op matchmaking, which means I’ve become […]

I’m still trying to catch up on day job stuff after the past week’s one-two meteorological punch, so here’s a short test reel I made while playing around with the PS4′s video capture feature. The app doesn’t include the audio from my custom GTA Online 1980s pop playlist, so I did my tonedeaf best to […]

Ain’t no mountain bald enough

December 19th, 2014

After decades of seeing rude ‘n’ ‘tudey gamebros as the go-to pitchmen in videogame ads, it’s a little strange to look back at the 1983 full-pager for CBS Mountain King… …featuring a off-brand Bob Balaban type as its audience proxy. “We really need to distinguish our product to The Kids in a crowded field and […]

The Long Game: No words necessary

September 30th, 2014

As I mentioned before, the right custom playlist can go a long way towards remedying GTA Online‘s repetitive gameplay. My adventures with Rosemary (formerly “Debbi”) the Valley of the Shadow of Death Girl were scored by carefully curated mixes of 1960s pop and an 1980s new wave/college radio classics which reflected the sociopathic breeziness of […]

The Long Game: Having a blast

September 5th, 2014

GTA Online has been live for almost a year now. Despite the numerous tweaks and content updates Rockstar has added since the game’s launch, it can be difficult to escape the sense of repetition common to all sandbox and MMO-type games. As a service to my fellow enthusiasts, here is a list of activities I’ve […]

Yep, one of these posts

August 27th, 2014

My first GTA Online character was a dude whose appearance was roughly (thanks to the game’s absurdly convoluted creation process) modeled after my own. After I hit the inevitable “no more realms to conquer” plateau with him, I decided to start fresh with a new secondary character. This time around I picked a female avatar, […]

Just a reminder…

August 13th, 2014

Catgirl urinary tract infections… …are no laughing matter.

Open world experiences are all the rage in gaming these days, either of the pre-formed or procedurally generated variety. The promise of freedom and unrestricted exploration is an alluring one for gamers who wish to lose themselves in massive virtual worlds. The style of gameplay has branched out past its old boundaries of mayhem creation […]

Grand Theft Auto Online did not out to be the game I hoped it would be. Its world is vast and detailed, but lacks the activities that showcase its beauty outside of the typical shootouts and full contact vehicle racing. Yeah, there’s parachuting and golf and tennis to tool around with, but what about other […]

Here’s an impossible task for you: Try and find a write up of Liberator that doesn’t include some variation of “like Missile Command, but in reverse.” It’s a fair comparison to make, even for an era when arcades were rife with cosmetically altered clones of whatever quarter-muncher happened to be profitable at the moment. There […]

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