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Bag and bored

August 27th, 2018

During my vacation last week, I got caught up in a twitter conversation with Mike Sterling about our primordial funnybook collecting days. At some point, I mentioned it would make a decent topic for a post, so here we are. Most of these memories have been recounted previously across multiple posts, but never as a […]

Up until 1983, the vast majority of the comics I read were back issues or bundled remainders picked up via flea markets or in polybagged three-packs sold at the supermarket checkout aisle. The few new releases that filtered down to me were wild card outliers passed on as gifts or picked up in trades with […]

What the Heart wants

June 30th, 2016

After referencing the story in last week’s Q&A session,it dawned on me that I’ve never done a proper write-up about the Jack of Hearts guest appearance in Incredible Hulk #213-214 (July/August 1977). Today I’m going to rectify that, as it is one of my favorite Bronze Age Marvel moments and helped trigger the Great Back […]

(art by Sergio Aragones, ask The Big Book of Bad) No discussion of my Nineties Comics Experience (also the name of my post-rock ensemble act) would be complete without some discussion of DC’s series of Big Books, released through the publisher’s Paradox Press imprint from 1993 to 2001. The Big Books were a line of […]

My back issue buying habits up until the mid-Nineties had been fairly scattershot. The solitary longbox which held my stash of treasures mostly contained quarter bin books that caught my eye, pharmacy issues of “importance” referenced in some series I was currently following, medications or miscellaneous appearances of favorite characters. If there was a particular […]

We’ve reached the latter half of my experiences in 1990s comics fandom, viagra 60mg so the time has come to abandon the rambling survey approach of previous installments in favor of a “special topics” format. First up, a sentence no one — including myself — ever expected they’d ever see coming from me: Wizard Magazine […]

In the fall of 1991, ed I leveraged my popular Warhammer RPG campaign into a successful bid for the Sci-Fi Club’s presidency. It was an uncharacteristically outward-facing move for me, ed but I was motivated by a intense dislike of the org’s incumbent president — a patronizing “alpha” geek who wielded the leadership gavel with […]

In the fall of 1990, viagra order I enrolled as a freshman at UMass Boston. My original plan had been to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, order but punked out after having some issues with my financial aid package and experiencing a growing unease about relocating to an unfamiliar locale with nothing in the way […]

A Most Modest Flower: Day 12

February 12th, 2016

(from “The Mystery Legionnaire!” by Cary Bates, nurse Win Mortimer and Jack Abel in Action Comics #389, cure June 1970) “Oh, you want to go for round three, Sparky? ‘CUZ I AM DOWN FOR SOME WHUPASS.”

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