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There are numerous works which inspired me to create Armagideon Time and continue to influence it in tangible ways. Calamity Jon’s Gone & Forgotten and Ben Is Dead’s Retro Hell both loom large on that front,as do Tom Englehart’s The End of Victory Culture, Greil Marcus’s Lipstick Traces, the Paradox Press Big Book series and […]

One of my projects at last year’s Heroes Con was getting some favorite comics from my childhood signed by the folks who crafted them. For Roy Thomas, it was All-Star Squadron #35. For Pat Broderick, it was Fury of Firestorm #1. For Bob MacLeod, it was New Mutants Annual #1. When I found out that […]

My introduction to DC’s roster of Golden Age superheroes came — as I suspect it did for many comics readers of my generation — though the Justice League/Justice Society team-ups which were an annual event in the pre-Crisis days. Those tantalizing glimpses into a parallel world of middle-aged, troche Axis-smashing heroes and the quaintly energetic […]

Null and joy

May 28th, 2013

In addition to his amazing contributions (one up and one in the pipeline) to the Ultimate Powers Jam, rx Jon Morris has also been doing an amazing series of sketches featuring members of Superman’s weird and wonderful rogues gallery. I jokingly pestered him about whether he’d get around to Null-O, the Mopey Space Vacuum Cleaner […]

I don’t know (or really care) what triggered the latest round of the recurring “Superman is boring/Superman is cool” debate, visit this but it has made for some interesting reading. Superman has never been one of my favorite characters, cialis 40mg though I’ve read and enjoyed many comics starring or featuring the Man of Steel […]

“It raped my childhood” is one of those phrases which should have died in the womb instead of becoming a memetic cancer within geek discourse. Not only does it trivialize a heinous act of assault by metaphorically equating it with some remake/revision/reboot of some stupid 1980s toy cartoon, but it also exemplifies the inflationary value […]

Our North Woburn apartment had an enclosed back porch with served as both laundy room and seasonal playroom. I spent a significant portion of my younger years tooling around in there, rehabilitation racing Hot Wheels cars across the gooseshit-colored carpet, reading Richard Scarry books, and working on various projects at the 19th century school desk […]

Longtime AT readers may remember the Albums That Meant Something feature, more about in which I discussed a number of musical touchstones and the autographical impact they made. The project petered out after I’d pretty much mined out the most anecdote-worthy material, medicine leaving behind (still important) discs whose significance could be summed up in […]

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