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Leech and I first crossed paths with the Lone Punk in the spring of 1992, shortly before our friendship-ending blow-up. We were passing through the cafeteria on the third floor of Wheatley Hall (since converted into the school’s “Venture Capital Center”) when we spotted him eating alone at a corner table. Being two of the […]

Today I’m going to try and get this feature back on track with a forgotten bit of flotsam that resurfaced while I was pulling some more memorable records from storage. Though Action Replay’s 1984 Personality Crisis compilation managed to slip clear out of my memory for over two decades, I can still remember the details […]

Since acquiring a functioning turntable a few weeks back, I’ve been slowly getting back into the habit of buying used records. Most of these have been favorite LP I never picked up back in the day because I already owned them on tape and albums by bands I’ve warmed up to since my collecting days […]

Time-Life’s The Swing Era was a series of LP box sets covering the Big Band era from the early Thirties through the late Forties. Each volume covered a period of a couple of years and focused — often tenuously — around some specific theme or trend, and also included a hardback book full of pictures […]

This feature has returned from its five-month hiatus with a album that slipped through the cracks of my increasingly shaky memory. I suppose it was inevitable that there’d be a few gaps in the chronology, as I have a shit-ton of records and the task of reconstructing a chronology of events that took place over […]

Saying that you don’t care for Prince would be an invite to be mobbed by an angry horde even before today’s tragic news. Restating it now is simply begging to be strung up then torn to bloody shreds. It doesn’t make it less true, though. I,Andrew Otis Weiss,do not like Prince’s music. It has nothing […]

You never forget your first pregnancy scare. Mine occurred in the summer of 1992, when the otherwise idyllic post-Leech “Club of Two” status quo was upended by Maura’s confession that she was a couple of weeks late. I wasn’t sure how to process it, despite her reassurances that it was probably a false alarm. I […]

The post-Leech phase of my college experience was a constantly shifting affair of passing interests and fitful moments of personal development. Most of my memories from the stretch of time between the summer of 1992 and the summer of 1993 have fallen down the memory hole, as Maura and I settled into the routine of […]

“I own every Falco album on vinyl” is up there alongside “I’ve seen every episode of Charmed three times” in my arsenal of running jokes packaged as tragic confessions, but it’s not entirely true. The set of LPs in question actually belonged to my little brother, and ended up in my collection because I was […]

It has been a while since I’ve done one these posts. What began as a Halloween Countdown hiatus ended up being a five month derailment of whatever momentum this feature possessed. Part of the problem was that I let myself get locked into my original parameters for the project — every record in my collection […]

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