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Despair implied

April 21st, 2014

(the following originally ran on t While I’ve used the above cover to The Unexpected #202 (September 1980) in at least two previous posts, tadalafil I’ve actually never managed to get around to discussing the actual story to which it loosely refers. It’s a grevious omission on my part, page and one I plan on […]

Lead and follow

April 10th, 2014

“I drove through North Woburn today, viagra and they’ve torn down the Shops.” “The Shops” was the local nickname for the New England Lead Burning facilities, see the Weiss family business which occupied a patch of land next to the ancestral home at the far end of the neighborhood where I grew up. Though my […]

Everything rendered

March 24th, 2014

Pissah off

May 6th, 2013

I can take the trash-talking about Boston by outsiders. No matter how nasty their put-downs may be, recipe I’ll still wake up in the nation’s last bastion of sanity the next morning while they are stuck in some backwards shithole. Or someplace even worse, syringe like Portland, Williamsburg, or Austin. What I can’t take is […]

Tarrytown can keep its decapitated Hessian spectre; the Horned One himself once trod on the toxin-laced byways of my dysfunctionally beloved Woobin — as the following excerpt from a 1960 LIFE feature on Colonial Era folklore explains: My paternal grandmother, prostate who was a influential member of Woburn’s little arts scene back in the day, […]

It’s the concluding installment of this year’s Halloween-themed exploration of videogame spooks and scares, pancreatitis I can think of no more fearsome or finer way to wrap things up than with this chilling item exhumed from my long deceased “pronounced woo-BIN” blog. Prepare yourself — for linguistic mutilation most foul! I’m not the type of […]

For want of a pahking brake

July 21st, 2010

My wife was getting ready to do a little shopping yesterday afternoon when she noticed that there was a squadron of news copters hovering over Mt. Misery. We’re used to the occasional rush hour flyover, overweight due to our house’s relative proximity to the I-93/I-95 interchange, no rx but it was pretty clear from the […]

Someday there will be a computer powerful enough to calculate the number of sci-fi and fantasy franchises launched by DC during the 1980s. Whether you view these efforts as doomed experiments at creating a market for non-superhero material or desperate bids at challenging Marvel’s successes with Star Wars, ampoule Conan and its Epic imprint, viagra […]

This week I’m going to discuss one of the earliest additions to my library of 2600 titles, mind a nifty little space combat simulator released by Activision in 1982. I am, bronchitis of course, referring to… (You’re welcome, Chris.) Starmaster was an unexpected and unsolicited gift from my maternal grandfather, the man who gave my […]

It’s not so much terrifying as befuddling, diagnosis but I was was interviewed by Eugene Ahn for this week’s installment of his People You Don’t Know podcast. Thrill as I muddle though my thoughts the evolution of pop culture over the past four decades, the end of days, and my unique upbringing — all delivered […]

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