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The autumn of 1988 was an oasis of calm before the impending shitstorm. My family’s dysfunctions had metastasized into a weird state of equilibrium. My mother was still a basket case and my father was still out of control, but there was a sense that the situation had leveled out just enough for me to […]

Unsteady Layer Dumb

July 25th, 2017

(being an excerpt from my forthcoming bestselling novel and big budget movie adaptation) When it came to my research, I didn’t take any shortcuts. Over the past five years, I’d worked my way down the entire recommended reading list. Danielle Steel, V.C. Andrews, John Jakes, Robert Ludlum, Herman Wouk, James Clavell. Michner. Krantz. Forsyth. L’Amour. […]

“I stayed up last night reading William Blake poems to my dying cat” sounds like the stuff of satire, a dig at the pseudo-intellectual affectations of the hipster class. Yet it’s the truth, though the cause of it was incidentally pedestrian. Lil Baby Setzer has hung in there longer than we’d anticipated upon hearing her […]

Knowledge is a drug

March 31st, 2017

Before heading out to see the live-action Beauty and the Beast flick last Tuesday, Maura and I took a side trip out to Wilmington to return a pair of cable boxes to the local Comcast storefront. It wasn’t until we got there that we learned the place had relocated to one of the mixed-use developments […]

I’ve recently started to re-read selected tales from the Library of America’s H.P. Lovecraft collection. The idea was to jumpstart my flagging spooky season spirit, health care but it has also rekindled my ongoing internal debate about the author’s work and legacy. I enjoy Lovecraft’s fiction immensely, despite the fact that much of it is […]

Sometime in the early months of 1985, shop I was flipping through the current month’s issue of Twilight Zone Magazine and came across a half-page ad for an upcoming novel. The premise of the book fascinated me, page which was a bit unusual since I strongly preferred to get my horror fiction in short story […]

When we were fabulous

August 31st, 2016

After seeing the above ad (or its full-color double-page sibling) in a 1970 issue of LIFE, viagra I decided to seek out used copies of the entire This Fabulous Century series. Or — more accurately — I bought a couple of the books from an online seller a few years ago, men’s health forgot about […]

We’re down to the last couple of bolts in this particular quiver, approved so let’s start wrapping things up with a look at the literature that shaped the most formative year of my childhood. The top of that particular heap was Twilight Zone Magazine, purchased with scrounged pocket change at the convenience store across from […]

Mystery dance macabre

June 27th, 2016

The Great Sorting and Tidying at home continues, bulimics in which my understandably irritated wife has been taking on Herculean projects while I toss in the occasional “don’t pack those away where I can’t get at them.” It’s a wonder I haven’t been served divorce papers yet, or at the very least a roundhouse kick […]

Go, set a watchdog

July 16th, 2015

My longing to become a renowned writer has nothing to do with the fame and fortune it might bring my way. It stems from my deeply held desire that, neurosurgeon some half-century hence when I’m in my decrepit dotage, view the lawyer appointed to oversee my estate will discover A Heppy, health Heppy Peppy. She […]

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