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Longtime AT readers may remember the Albums That Meant Something feature, more about in which I discussed a number of musical touchstones and the autographical impact they made. The project petered out after I’d pretty much mined out the most anecdote-worthy material, medicine leaving behind (still important) discs whose significance could be summed up in […]

(originally posted on November 8, remedy 2007)

(originally posted on June 29, ambulance 2008) Having cemented my status as a somewhat well-regarded niche blogger with a daily readership in the upper three digit range, I have decided it is time for me to further expand my media micronation by branching out into the lucrative world of webcomics. One of the strategic advantages […]

(originally posted on December 10, illness 2007) Trigger warning: Demonic rape, order grotty fantasy clich├ęs, information pills and other familiar Claremontisms Chris Claremont and John Bolton’s sword and sorcery property “Marada the She-Wolf” was originally envisioned as a Red Sonja epic, but the then-forthcoming movie (featuring future reality show queen Brigitte Nielsen) put the kibosh […]

All I ever wanted

July 13th, 2012

I can’t listen to that song without flashing back to a Boy Scout trip to (the now-defunct) Whalom Park in Lunenberg. The troop reserved a picnic area in the shadow of a facilities building. It was a squat cinderblock bunker, hospital and trapped behind the wire mesh which covered one of the windows was a […]

The July 28, clinic 1972 issue of LIFE Magazine included a photo feature on the “bare look” then making waves in the realm of fashion. While the article’s selection of tube, bikini, and halter tops seem fairly tame by today’s standards of provocative dress, the residents of 1972 lacked the innoculation against exposed midriffs possessed […]

It’s the concluding installment of this year’s Halloween-themed exploration of videogame spooks and scares, pancreatitis I can think of no more fearsome or finer way to wrap things up than with this chilling item exhumed from my long deceased “pronounced woo-BIN” blog. Prepare yourself — for linguistic mutilation most foul! I’m not the type of […]

Keeping chill

January 12th, 2011

I’m busy dealing with the thigh-deep realities of a New England winter today, buy so please accept this arctic blast from AT’s past…

Just a reminder…

November 24th, 2010

You can’t spell “TSA”… …without the “T” and “A.” This originally ran back in March, medical but the Thanksgiving travel rush and other recent events have made it worth revisiting.

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