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In a age where comics creators regularly embarrass themselves on social media platforms, we would do well to ponder the counter example set by the Steve Ditko. Here was a man who stood shoulder to shoulder with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in trailblazing the Marvel Age of Comics, yet never courted the self-promotional spotlight […]

Nobody’s Favorite: Null and zoid

September 30th, 2015

Armagideon Time’s 10th (?!?) Annual Halloween Countdown starts tomorrow, but I thought I’d take a break from my preparatory crypt-rummaging to squeak out a quick installment of this (sadly neglected as of late) litany of funnybookdom’s lost and the damned. This week we’re returning to the bottomless advertainment abyss of 1980s toy tie-ins with Marvel’s […]

The comics industry’s shift to direct market distribution was transformative on nearly every level, and its effects — for both good and ill — are still being felt some thirty-odd years later. The protracted and painful collapse of the old newsstand distribution model was symptomatic of a broader decline in the periodical business, though most […]

This post marks the sixth anniversary of Nobody’s Favorites. To commemorate this event, I’ve decided to follow Pal Dave’s suggestion and shine some harsh light on a decidedly un-funnybook which I’ve danced around on previous occasions. That comic is Kingdom Come… …Mark Waid and Alex Ross’s serious answer to the most ludicrous of questions. Yes, […]

If it is possible for a comic to straddle the ill-defined line between Nobody’s Favorite and Nobody Else’s Favorite… … Ace’s Atomic War! would be that comic. The short-lived series hit the stands at a moment when Cold War paranoia and lurid funnybook fare were approaching their hysteria-inducing high-water marks, and it shows. From the […]

You can tell a speculative bubble has reached maximum inflation when its associated schemes pass from “arguably viable” to “desperately bizarre.” How do you feed the windfall-hungry beast when all the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked? In the late 1920s, it was through shady investment schemes centered around fabulist pipe dreams. In early 2000s, […]

My love for Atari Force is no secret. What began as a fairly mediocre bit of intramural cross-promotion ended up becoming one the few bright spots in DC’s roster of early 1980s offerings. Though DC made a score of attempts to mimic Marvel’s big-selling licensed Star Wars comic. only Atari Force came close to capturing […]

And we’re back! I’m sorry the weekly updates have fallen by the wayside for the past few months — blame a busy work schedule and general sense of funnybook fatigue — but I’m going to try to get things back on a semi-regular track going forward. If you’re seriously jonesing for this type of content, […]

The only character-slash-series from Dark Horse’s “Comics’ Greatest World” imprint I actively followed was Ghost, and even that flicker of interest couldn’t survive the departure of Adam Hughes from the property. My interest in superhero stuff was already at a low-ebb when the line’s initial wave of interconnected one-shots dropped, and I was content to […]

DC’s “Bloodlines” event is rightfully infamous for turning the publisher’s 1993 crop of annuals into a fetid incubator for some of the worst new characters the Chromium Era had to offer. Forgotten in the recollections of those traumatic times, however, is the fact that Marvel ran a nearly identical initiative through its own annuals that […]

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