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The Halloween season is when the Nobody’s Favorites feature takes a turn for the macabre by spotlighting the spookier subjects from the Funnybook Realm of the Damned. This year shall be no different, and we’re going to start the nail-studded barrel rolling with the existential enigma named…. …Inspector Denver. The Inspector was an easy target […]

This week we’re going to shine the Spotlight of the Unloved at The Bouncer. You’ve got the wrong medium, though Square’s Harajuku-meets-Ed-Hardy PS2 beat ‘em up certainly fits the Nobody’s Favorite bill. The Bouncer I’ll be discussing was a minor member of Batman’s rogues gallery… …who made his debut in Detective Comics #347 (January 1966). […]

In the current realm of comics crafting, computers have become a fairly ubiquitous tool. So much so, in fact, I’d be hard pressed to think of any of my artist pals who don’t resort to electronic assistance — be it a Cintiq tablet, Manga Studio, or Photoshop — at some point during the creative process. […]

To paraphrase Billy Bragg: “I was thirty four years when I began this blog. I’m forty two now, and it’s been quite a slog.” One of the things I’ve experienced and wrestled with during Armagideon Time’s existence has been my own slide into middle age irrelevance. It’s not a truly existential crisis, just a realization […]

Nobody’s Favorite: Real trouble

September 4th, 2014

I’m going to tell you something which you might find difficult to believe. Heck, I lived through it and I have a hard time accepting it was real. Are you ready for it? Because I want to tell you…that Marvel’s New Universe was a really big deal when it debuted. As you replace your monocles […]

Following the cinematic success of The Planet of the Apes, Jack Kirby was inspired (with a little prodding by DC editor Carmine Infantino) to create a weird and wild riff on the franchise which occasionally transcended the source material. The same cannot be said for Stan Lee’s similar attempt to channel some of that post-apocalyptic […]

It’s the dawn of 1966 and a truly glorious era for superhero funnybooks. The Fantastic Four were up against the planet-devouring power of Galactus, Captain America had run afoul of the ferocious feet of Batroc the Leaper, and the mighty Thor was reeling from a disastrous defeat at the hands of Hercules. Meanwhile, over on […]

As the first wave of the translated manga gained traction in the North American direct market in 1987, so too did a number of home-grown works pop up to homage and/or parody these “strange” and “exotic” funnybooks from the Land of the Rising Sun. Eclipse Comics, one of the first and most prolific purveyors of […]

The news that DC was going to use the Zero Hour event to stage a hard reset of the Legion of Super-Heroes franchise, I seriously considered dumping the associated titles from my pull list. Even though the grimy and gritty charm of the “Five Years Later” era had worn thin after the resolution of the […]

Mark Gruenwald once stated that “every character is somebody’s favorite,” and this feature was launched to stress test the validity of the late Marvel continuity guru’s theory. From the beginning, I took pains to distance what I did here from the facile “Mort of the Month” nonsense which characterized so many write-ups of the obscure […]

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