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Nobody’s Favorite: Null and zoid

September 30th, 2015

Armagideon Time’s 10th (?!?) Annual Halloween Countdown starts tomorrow, but I thought I’d take a break from my preparatory crypt-rummaging to squeak out a quick installment of this (sadly neglected as of late) litany of funnybookdom’s lost and the damned. This week we’re returning to the bottomless advertainment abyss of 1980s toy tie-ins with Marvel’s […]

The comics industry’s shift to direct market distribution was transformative on nearly every level, and its effects — for both good and ill — are still being felt some thirty-odd years later. The protracted and painful collapse of the old newsstand distribution model was symptomatic of a broader decline in the periodical business, though most […]

This post marks the sixth anniversary of Nobody’s Favorites. To commemorate this event, I’ve decided to follow Pal Dave’s suggestion and shine some harsh light on a decidedly un-funnybook which I’ve danced around on previous occasions. That comic is Kingdom Come… …Mark Waid and Alex Ross’s serious answer to the most ludicrous of questions. Yes, […]

If it is possible for a comic to straddle the ill-defined line between Nobody’s Favorite and Nobody Else’s Favorite… … Ace’s Atomic War! would be that comic. The short-lived series hit the stands at a moment when Cold War paranoia and lurid funnybook fare were approaching their hysteria-inducing high-water marks, and it shows. From the […]

You can tell a speculative bubble has reached maximum inflation when its associated schemes pass from “arguably viable” to “desperately bizarre.” How do you feed the windfall-hungry beast when all the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked? In the late 1920s, it was through shady investment schemes centered around fabulist pipe dreams. In early 2000s, […]

My love for Atari Force is no secret. What began as a fairly mediocre bit of intramural cross-promotion ended up becoming one the few bright spots in DC’s roster of early 1980s offerings. Though DC made a score of attempts to mimic Marvel’s big-selling licensed Star Wars comic. only Atari Force came close to capturing […]

And we’re back! I’m sorry the weekly updates have fallen by the wayside for the past few months — blame a busy work schedule and general sense of funnybook fatigue — but I’m going to try to get things back on a semi-regular track going forward. If you’re seriously jonesing for this type of content, […]

The only character-slash-series from Dark Horse’s “Comics’ Greatest World” imprint I actively followed was Ghost, and even that flicker of interest couldn’t survive the departure of Adam Hughes from the property. My interest in superhero stuff was already at a low-ebb when the line’s initial wave of interconnected one-shots dropped, and I was content to […]

DC’s “Bloodlines” event is rightfully infamous for turning the publisher’s 1993 crop of annuals into a fetid incubator for some of the worst new characters the Chromium Era had to offer. Forgotten in the recollections of those traumatic times, however, is the fact that Marvel ran a nearly identical initiative through its own annuals that […]

Six decades before some indie comics tyro tried to recast Old Hickory as an intergalactic hero, the folks at DC launched their own misbegotten attempt to channel the historical echoes of genocidal imperialism into high concept space opera. Meet Chris KL-99, who made his debut as the lead feature in DC’s (or, more accurately, “National’s”) […]

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