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The only character-slash-series from Dark Horse’s “Comics’ Greatest World” imprint I actively followed was Ghost, and even that flicker of interest couldn’t survive the departure of Adam Hughes from the property. My interest in superhero stuff was already at a low-ebb when the line’s initial wave of interconnected one-shots dropped, and I was content to […]

DC’s “Bloodlines” event is rightfully infamous for turning the publisher’s 1993 crop of annuals into a fetid incubator for some of the worst new characters the Chromium Era had to offer. Forgotten in the recollections of those traumatic times, however, is the fact that Marvel ran a nearly identical initiative through its own annuals that […]

Six decades before some indie comics tyro tried to recast Old Hickory as an intergalactic hero, the folks at DC launched their own misbegotten attempt to channel the historical echoes of genocidal imperialism into high concept space opera. Meet Chris KL-99, who made his debut as the lead feature in DC’s (or, more accurately, “National’s”) […]

There are some sentences that will never look right, no matter how factually correct they may be. For example: “In 1994, Marvel published a four-issue Coneheads miniseries.” The context behind it isn’t that difficult to comprehend. After scoring an unambiguous box office hit with Wayne’s World, the House Lorne Michaels Built tried to follow that […]

My work schedule and the holiday rush may have derailed this month’s planned slate of Nobody Else’s Favorites posts, but there are still enough hours left in December 2014 to crank out a quick and qualified tribute to series that loomed large in Teen Andrew’s comics fandom… …Masaomi Kanzaki’s Heavy Metal Warrior Xenon. The twenty-three […]

In this week’s exploration of unsung objects of funnybook affection, I shall turn my gaze skyward… …where the majestic Black Condor soars. The character made his 1940 debut in the first issue of Quality’s Crack Comics, and like many of his early superheroic counterparts combined a familiar pulp archetype with a modest metahuman flourish. Condor’s […]

Once again the time has come to flip the Nobody’s Favorite script for a few weeks and take a look at some underappreciated characters and comics for which I have no small fondness. We’re going to kick things off this year with the Cary Bates/Pat Broderick reboot of Captain Atom, which introduced (putting aside a […]

The Halloween season is when the Nobody’s Favorites feature takes a turn for the macabre by spotlighting the spookier subjects from the Funnybook Realm of the Damned. This year shall be no different, and we’re going to start the nail-studded barrel rolling with the existential enigma named…. …Inspector Denver. The Inspector was an easy target […]

This week we’re going to shine the Spotlight of the Unloved at The Bouncer. You’ve got the wrong medium, though Square’s Harajuku-meets-Ed-Hardy PS2 beat ‘em up certainly fits the Nobody’s Favorite bill. The Bouncer I’ll be discussing was a minor member of Batman’s rogues gallery… …who made his debut in Detective Comics #347 (January 1966). […]

In the current realm of comics crafting, computers have become a fairly ubiquitous tool. So much so, in fact, I’d be hard pressed to think of any of my artist pals who don’t resort to electronic assistance — be it a Cintiq tablet, Manga Studio, or Photoshop — at some point during the creative process. […]

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