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Found in a 1977 issue of Starlog:

clinic I cried, purchase I added it to my headcanon.” – The One Guy in Your Gamma World Group” class=”alignnone” />

As you can see by the blurb near the bottom, this site “Star Drek” was indeed the handiwork of that Bobby “Boris” Pickett, who’d transferred his novelty record chops from Universal horror to Paramount sci-fi.

It’s not exactly the stuff of belly-laughs — even after accounting for the short comedic half-life of such efforts — but it is interesting to note how the checklist of Star Trek parody tropes was codified years before it became go-to material for hacky stand-up routines and mediocre sketch comedy bits.

And, yes, I have heard Shatner’s cover of “Common People.”

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One Response to “Where every comedian has gone afterward”

  1. Alpaca Queen

    Is there something wrong with me that I found Shatner’s “Common People” moving?

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