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The reason for the season

December 22nd, 2014

As the pre-holiday rush has my back to the wall, diabetes and pregnancy let’s revisit a heartwarming gem from AT 1.0′s archives, originally posted on December 15, 2007:

Today we have a little nugget of holiday cheer, in the form of “A Slay Ride with Santa” which appeared in Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #15 (February-March 1974).

Ten-time loser Bill Digby ekes out a marginal living as a street corner Kris Kringle…

The pay might not be the best, but the job does make things easier for him in his other profession…

…as a murderer of children. (Feeling the Yuletide joy yet?) Given Digby’s propensity of leaving the corpses of his victims hanging from the rafters of his flophouse apartment, it’s only a matter of time before Johnny Law brings the hammer down…

…so he seeks refuge in a conveniently-parked sleigh (left with the reindeer idling) in a dark alleyway. (Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen next.)

The real Santa Claus, having taken a quick pit stop for a large coffee regulah and a couple of Hark the Herald Angels Scratch lottery tickets, hops back into the driver’s seat and jets off to attend to his yearly gift-dispensing rounds. The perplexed stowaway fugitive stands up in an attempt to get his bearings…

…only to discover that the someone has left a neatly-wrapped package full of ironic justice for him under the tree this year.

It’s a Christmas miracle! Though I pity the poor family that wakes up on Christmas morning to find Digby’s battered and frozen corpse draped over the inflatable snow globe in their front yard…

Recommended listening: All I want for Christmas.

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One Response to “The reason for the season”

  1. Caffeinated Joe (@Wings1295)

    Well, that is definitely a dark tale. Happy Holidays?

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