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Saving gracious

March 12th, 2015

DEATH SAVES HAS BEEN FUNDED! Thank you to everyone who helped make that happen!

Barring some cosmic catastrophe, you will soon able to read an almost-entirely-true tale of an event which had a transformative effect on my life as an undergrad at UMass Boston in the early 1990s, treat illustrated by the magnificent Matt Digges and collected alongside the work of other titanic talents.

I can’t understate my appreciation for Matt’s involvement with the project. Not only is he an exceptional illustrator whose style fit the story concept perfectly, but his input about things like transitions and pacing was a godsend for a dude (i.e. yours truly) without much experience in the whole comics-scripting thing. (Seriously, what kind of artist suggests adding an extra story page when you’re already facing a tight schedule? THE BEST KIND.)

I wish I could share more of just-about-finished work with you, but it’s only six pages and don’t want to spoil the best bits. For now, here’s a panel featuring Matt’s better-than-life rendition of my younger, arguably cooler self.

I guess you could call it an “Otto-biographical” story because it’s about an event in my life and my punk rock name was “Otto” and, um, never mind.

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4 Responses to “Saving gracious”

  1. Alpaca Queen

    We contributed to the Kickstarter because the library where Gentleman Caller works could use a few more comic books. I’m so glad to hear this went through. (Also, is that Wheatley in the frame up there?)

  2. bitterandrew

    Wheatley 4th floor, back when student clubs had their own offices.

  3. Pedro de Pacas

    Happy birthday, Andrew!

    Congratulations on another year, and I have to thank you for this blog, which is truly one of my top Internet destinations. For some reason, your writing speaks to me, and aside our many mutual interests, I love to hear all your insights into whatever facet of life you deem fit. All the best to the Queen of Animals and the Menagerie. From Cape Town, South Africa!

    (Mike Sterling sent me!)

  4. Alpaca Queen

    I thought it looked familiar.

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