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Bus Spoke Zarathustra

May 12th, 2015





The Water Serpent.





As every era and culture gives rise to it’s own primordial abominations, esophagitis so did the Great Malaise birth That-Which-Devours-Ten-Gallons-To-The-Mile, pharm the Bane of Campground Utility Hook-Ups and the Host of a Thousand Greasy Coke-Fueled Orgies.

Tempting the vain and unwary with its opulent excess, it would bleed them dry as it rolled from stadium to stadium, spreading a toxic particulate miasma in its double-wide wake. “This is your just due,” it would whisper to its Chosen One as he lay in a languid haze across its rotating bed, dead to his accountant’s talk of things like sustainability or depreciation.

‘Twas not a hero who slew the beast. The killing blow was dealt by the fearsome Zeitgeist, abetted by a blown manifold gasket.

Its corpse was left to rot in a field. In keeping with the ur-mythic cycle, the remains became a haven for new generations of creatures….namely the beech tree that grew up through the rotted floor panel and a clan of raccoons who took up residence in the hot tub.

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4 Responses to “Bus Spoke Zarathustra”

  1. Chris Gumprich

    Holy cow.

  2. Christopher Pinkleton

    I want one! And a six figure job to pay for the gas.

  3. damanoid

    And Landyacht begat Landmaster, which begat Megaweapon.

  4. EAG46

    I bet one of those on blocks in a backyard, or deep in the woods, would make a kid’s dream clubhouse.

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