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Race with the (white) devil

July 17th, 2015

''That's a good question...whoops, gotta go.  Thanks for covering the bill, guys.''

This is getting pretty heavy for a 1940s funnybook story, which means it’s time for…Johnny Everyman, the Great White Liberal!

“Such as whom the police will believe if I have to call them.”

“Well, maybe not right after the war, because we have to make sure the white folks get first crack at the jobs and housing…and then we have to make sure that we don’t alienate Southern support for our corporate tax credit bill…and then there will be that realignment of the political parties on the whole racial issue… along with a transition to a post-industrial economy where a scapegoated Other is used to mask the real causes of middle class decline…but eventually, maybe!”


More white liberal concern trolls posing as allies? Where would we find the room to put them?

Says who, Johnny? Says who?

On one hand, Jack Schiff’s “Johnny Everyman” stories are some of the most progressive comics published during the Golden Age. On the other, they also illustrate just how patronizing, paternalist, and foot-dragging well-meaning progressives can be.

(from World’s Finest Comics #17, Spring 1945; by Jack Schiff and John Daly)

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