Armagideon Time

Song for Sunday #148

August 16th, 2015

Amii Stewart – Knock on Wood

The Cusp in all its jumbled glory.

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2 Responses to “Song for Sunday #148”

  1. Christopher Pinkleton

    Fashion and special effects via planet Mongo, but that camera work and editing is pure Terran cocaine at work.

    I think much of “The Cusp” is guys who were influenced by taking a peek at the story boards for Jorowosky’s Dune, plus folks who were influenced by those guys, plus cocaine.

    Just a theory….

  2. maxbenign

    That headdress is some kind of techno-hoodoo. The video FX keep fooling me into seeing serpents, or flamingos, or a pastel Baphomet, but no, it’s just oversized ring candy, like those weird multi-colored peppermint Life Savers, remember those?

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