Armagideon Time

With the advent of the Comics Code Authority, the gleefully grisly depictions of poetic justice dispensed in the pages of EC comics and their competitors were taken off the creative table.

Still, it didn’t stop some publishers from trying to work the spooky irony angle within the Code’s strict limitations…

(from “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” by Joe Gill, Steve Ditko and Rocco Mastroserio in Ghostly Tales #55, May 1966)

…with admittedly mixed results.

It may not have been the stuff of which childhood nightmares are made, but it could’ve been the basis for an ongoing feature based on the core premise:

- “Prank-Called by Charlemagne’s Spirit!”
- “Mocked in Song by the Shade of Hildegard von Bingen!”
- “Titty-Twisted by the Ghost of Ivan the Terrible!”
- “Pushed into the Girls’ Bathroom by Oliver Cromwell’s Specter!”
- “Pantsed by Vengeful Wraith of Napoleon Boneparte!”
- “The Ghost of Calvin Coolidge Drew a Dick on Your Face with a Sharpie While You Were Sleeping!”

Now that there is dread a eight-to-twelve year old kid can relate to!

Recommended listening: The Membranes – Kick Out (from Crack House, 1983)

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The hokey-pokey is a lot weirder than I remembered.

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