Armagideon Time

The Prince caught it in the back down on Bourbon Street.

Donny was a pacifist, now he’s cold meat.

Tula gulped a lungful of toxic waste.

Kid Psycho was squashed into a fine paste.
Psycho, I miss you more than all the others
and I salute you, brother.
Those are c-listers who died, died
They were all poor saps, and they died.

The preceding comes courtesy of Crisis on Infinite Earths and this slice of dark novelty.

(Originally posted 1/31/2008)

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3 Responses to “The Best of AT: Nothing will ever be the same again”

  1. Sir A1!

    Prince Ra-man will live forever in the world of instant noodles.

  2. SJB

    LOL! I got it in two panels/captions. Basketball Diaries has got nothing on the catchy gem

  3. Moonrock1973

    Oh no! Characters that so few care about! We’ll miss you?

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