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Too pure to be pink

December 2nd, 2015

Gee, Mr. Donald Lachie of Youngwood, PA, perhaps you are right. In our rush to display our hip cynicism, we could very well have condemned an important cultural work without taking a moment to reflect upon its virtues and the truths it expresses about the human condition. Let us put aside our received wisdom and examine the work for what it is, not what we desired it ought to be.

See? I doubt you could find anything that so perfectly encapsulated America’s psychic landscape on the eve of Reagan’s electoral victory as that clip does.

(Also: cocaine is one hell of a drug.)

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One Response to “Too pure to be pink”

  1. Chris Wuchte

    For some reason, one of my earliest television memories is Pink Lady performing a song called “UFO” on this show. That, along with an episode of “Maude” featuring an actress playing a stroke victim, and a random episode of the redneck cop show “Carter Country”.

    And yet today, my parents almost exclusively watch highbrow shows on HBO or Showtime. I guess no one had good taste in the late ’70s – early ’80s.

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