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A Most Modest Flower: Day 12

February 12th, 2016

(from “The Mystery Legionnaire!” by Cary Bates, Win Mortimer and Jack Abel in Action Comics #389, June 1970)

“Oh, you want to go for round three, Sparky? ‘CUZ I AM DOWN FOR SOME WHUPASS.”

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4 Responses to “A Most Modest Flower: Day 12”

  1. sallyp

    Oh, is that the head talking? At first I thought it was Cosmic Lad… Boy… Urchin, whatever.

  2. stavner

  3. bitterandrew

    I’m cool with corrections because a most of these posts are fire-and-forget things where I cut and paste the indicia scripts from the previous day’s posts, but….

    …the link and run thing comes off as REALLY pass-agg on my end. I’d rather get an “um, actually.”

  4. stavner

    Oh! Sorry!

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