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As a follow up to last week’s installment of SMS Saturdays, this I’m decided to spotlight another entry in the Master System’s trilogy of licensed Sly Stallone games. Where Rambo III was a cautionary tale about taking care in choosing one’s allies, Rocky, like the series of films it was based upon, is about white ethnicity’s response to changing world in which its power has diminished from an absolute to a merely functional majority.

Oh, just get a room, already!

Ritualized violence, of course, plays an important role as a coping mechanism. Before that can happen, however, there are training sequences to suffer though, which mirror the thankless tedium felt by all hardworking Joes in this topsy-turvy world.

As in real life, the best course of action is to take a break and run down the clock.

Once the preliminaries are out of the way, it’s on to the squared circle. The game dispenses with the ambivalent, yet uplifiting, message of the first film, in which hero’s Sysiphean struggle is shown to offer deep, if painful, rewards, and instead draws upon the tenets of American civil religion at its most orthodox. The masses want vindication, not introspection, after all.

God bless America.

Cheer up, Apollo! To show that there are no hard feelings, you shall be incorporated into the champion’s court as a Magical Negro!

Fighting your way back to your rightful position at the top of the social pyramid is one thing. Fending off pretenders to the crown is another, especially after the luxurious trappings of the position to poison your soul with complacency.

No pity for this fool.

The predators who would take what is rightfully yours will not rest until they cast you down or are themselves taken down. Hunger has given them an edge that should not be underestimated, and a confrontation over the alpha slot is inevitable. Having reasserted your place in the hierarchy, will you allow it to slip away so easily?

The eye of the tiger means jack shit against the fists of the T.

The degeneration of my once-unparalleled SMS skills says “yes.”

A shame, really, because it means I’ll have to skip over the part where the champion, having again fallen into the trap of indolence, sets out to avenge the death of the Magical Negro at the hands of the Global Communist Conspiracy, and therefore expands his Every-white-man hegemony to the realm of Cold War geopolitics.

Stand up! Don't give up the fight! Yeah!

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One Response to “SMS Saturdays: Getting strong now”

  1. CJ Awesome

    The distressing racial politics of the Rocky films aside, they are still stupidly inspiring. And even the otherwise morally degrading Rocky IV gave us “Living in America”

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