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My playlist is Legion

March 29th, 2009

“Look, your daughter doesn’t say she’s a demon. She says she’s the devil himself. And if you’ve seen as many psychotics as I have, you’d know it’s like saying you’re Napoleon Bonaparte.”  – Father Damien Karras, The Exorcist (1973)

Last Thursday, ABC’s Nightline held a debate on the existence of Satan.  I don’t mean the metaphysical concept of “evil” as grand unified theory behind life’s various misfortunes and horrors, but in the very literal sense of Old Nick being an active malevolent force in the cosmos.

While I could easily write a few hundred words on the theological and philosophical folly of such an endeavor — not to mention what it says about the current state of ostensibly “hard” broadcast journalism in playing host to the inanity — I think I’ll just leave it at “Hey, humanity, it’s time to grow the fuck up.”

REO Speedwagon – I Do’ Wanna Know

Bananarama – Venus

Devo – Peek-A-Boo

Drimble Wedge & The Vegetations – Bedazzled

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One Response to “My playlist is Legion”

  1. Brian Smith

    Being a regular Nightline viewer, I should note that this was actually the third “Nightline Face-Off.” The series consists of “Does God Exist?” (featuring Kirk Cameron), “Is America Addicted To Porn?” (featuring Ron Jeremy) and now “Does Satan Exist?” (featuring Deepak Chopra.)

    But please don’t think that Nightline is nothing but ridiculous debates! In the past year or so they’ve also done a hard-hitting story on the possible expansion of the sex industry in Nevada, and one on the trend of women looking for work in the Nevada sex industry, and one on how women in the Nevada sex industry were planning on voting in the presidential caucus.

    And don’t forget their May 19, 2008, story on the wild success of Steve and Barry’s! I was glad to have the background on the fashion chain when it filed for bankruptcy two months later.

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