Armagideon Time

The fail of the tape

May 26th, 2016


He’s a scrappy public defender who grew up in the Lower East Side. She’s a former fashion model raised in the high society Hamptons. He goes into hysterics over Dr. Demento. She feels flushed whenever she hears Casey Kasem’s voice.

Frank and Gloria both went into to Crazy Harry’s Discount Electronics looking for a deal on a Pioneer tape deck, but ended up finding each other — but can a shared love of high end audio components overcome two wildly different backgrounds? The creative team behind Eight Track Mind are back to unspool a zany new era of romantic comedy. Even this wild new decade, love doesn’t come with a rewind button!

Starring Mark Jervis and Bambi Nightingale, with McLean Stevenson guest-starring as “Crazy Harry.” Coming to Wednesdays on NBC this fall, right after the highly anticipated Supertrain.

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3 Responses to “The fail of the tape”

  1. Jon H

    Is that Geena Davis?

  2. Jordan Levells

    Pretty sure that’s James Sikking from Hill Street Blues on the left there.

  3. Snark Shark

    “Is that Geena Davis?”

    I have the same question! she looked familiar right away!

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