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Farewell to all that

December 31st, 2016

Blaming a year for being horrible is like blaming a glass for being full of piss, but it’s hard not to project some sort of malign influence on twelve months that took Princess Leia and Ziggy Stardust away and gave us a clot of racism with a bad comb-over as the next leader of the “Free World” in return.

I’ve already pontificated and over-analyzed the significance of these harrowing times in generational terms, so I’d like to spend the last few moments of 2016 cherishing the points of light in the darkness.

For all the grotesque and disheartening evil we’ve seen on display, there have been some positive moments. Friends and loved ones and allies who’ve stood defiant in the face of retrograde idiocy, who’ve reaffirmed their support and love and refusal to accept this wave of moral backsliding as normal.

It may not seem like much in light of the steady cascade of nightmares we continue to subjected to, but it does matter — if only to slightly mitigate the feelings of overwhelming dread.

These bonds of support are important, and will become even more so in the grimmer times ahead. These are ugly times. We need to look after each other, to assist the vulnerable and do everything in our power to deny the bastards that which they crave so desperately.

I honestly don’t know where this is going to lead, but I refuse to give into despair. Mainly because I won’t give these bigoted shits the satisfaction, but also because I can’t surrender the hope — no matter how distant — that humanity can be better than this despite all evidence to the contrary.

Peace and love,

- andrew

P.S. If you need a little something to see off 2016 in style, check the first comment on this post.

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5 Responses to “Farewell to all that”

  1. bitterandrew

    Originally made for this date in 2010, it seems triply applicable today.

  2. EAG46

    Well said Andrew. And nice picture of your disapproving cat.

  3. SJB

    + 1 to the sentiments.

  4. Argh!Sims

    Thanks Andrew! Your blog and Twitter feed are wonderful streams of sanity in this mad world.

  5. DensityDuck

    I think it’s utterly, desperately, vitally important that we be giant squalling crying fractious babies. Just like those rotten awful Republicans were for the past eight years. Because there is noting that will show those racists how bad they are than acting exactly the way that they accuse us of doing; and, in fact, acting exactly the way we always said was bad. That is definitely what needs to happen now; we need to be at least as awful as they were, and preferably much worse.

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