Armagideon Time

Can you feel it, fellow children of the night?

The chill in the air? The disturbing whispers on the wind? The unexpected quickening of your pulse?

It can only mean one thing — the return of Armagideon Time’s annual Halloween Countdown, thirty-one days of tricks and treats exhumed from the dankest depths of popcult hell.

This marks my twelfth go-round on this dark carousel, which is pretty darn scary in and of itself.

Recommended listening: Destroy All Monsters – You’re Gonna Die (from a 1978 b-side)

A cheerful little rave from the grave to kick off the festivities.

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2 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: October 1 – Got the mark of death”

  1. Scholar-Gipsy

    I look forward to this literally every year!

  2. mike

    1. Halloween Countdown is a highlight of every year.
    2. Destroy All Monsters! I saw them in their early-80s configuration at Ann Arbor’s Second Chance. My friends and I were smitten with Niagara. Wikipedia: “On New Year’s Eve of 1973, the first Destroy All Monsters concert was held at a comic book convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the time the instruments were a violin, a sax, a vacuum cleaner and a coffee can.” Comic book convention. Of course!

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