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It wouldn’t be the Halloween season without a black cat (or several, in our case), and this fancy little man has been ghosting our feeding station for the past few months.

Though he started off wary of humans, he eventually consented to some skritches and pats from Maura a couple of weeks ago. He decided to lay low for a bit after that, but turned up on our picnic table last night, rolling about and acting playful as all get out. We were able to get him inside and situated in our spare room, where he’ll be staying with us for a couple of days until the local rescue group can take custody of him and find him a forever home.

His placeholder designation was “Little Tuxedo,” but we required an official name for his vet visit this morning. We dubbed him “Vincent” in honor of the great man himself. Plus, he sports a dapper mustache like his namesake did.

He’s understandably overwhelmed by the current set of circumstances, but here’s hoping he can find a new life free of worries about inclement weather, predatory foxes, and aggressive rivals.

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One Response to “Halloween Countdown: October 25 – A small price”

  1. EAG46

    Hope little Vincent finds a good home. He’s adorable. Great choice of song.

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