Armagideon Time

We live in a contentious political climate, one in which important debates are framed by ideological rigidity and personal attacks. There are some who lament this current state of affairs and seek common ground through compromise. It is a noble enough sentiment, but suffers from a great deal of delusional thinking and moral equivocation.

You can rattle off statistics and discuss concessions until you are blue in the face. Years of hard experience have made one truth absolutely clear.

The only way to stop a bunch of cliched villainous archetypes….

…is with an equally cliched bunch of heroic ones.

In case you were wondering, D.E.A.T.H. stands for Dedicated Enemies And Traitors to Humanity. It’s a little over the top in terms of the gap between stated intent and displayed action, but still one of the better acronyms to emerge from an era which was (figuratively and literally) lousy with them.

“Fightin’ Five” was code for “Let’s Do a Low-Rent Rip-Off of the Blackhawks and Splice a Little James Bond Crap in There, Too.”

(panels from Fightin’ Five #40, November 1966; by Joe Gill, Bill Montes, and Ernie Bache)

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2 Responses to “From my mold-stained newsprint”

  1. sjb

    For more on their not-so-epic run

  2. athodyd

    The evil super-team sounds a million times more interesting than the Fightin’ Five, if only for having a Nazi and an Italian Partisan on the same team. I can only assume Charlton did absolutely nothing of interest with the two characters and probably forgot why they might even have a conflict after two issues.

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