Armagideon Time

I’m sure you think you’re hip for getting into the potter’s field, but it’s just as commercial as some suburban burial ground. This place is the real cutting edge, man. It’s combines hand-quarried Romanian marble with some of the more radical elements of the Dusseldorf underground tomb scene. I wouldn’t expect you to be familiar with those. They’re pretty out there, although they’re nothing compared to some of the wilder stuff creeping up on the fringes. Like, there’s this Zoroastrian Tower of Silence I know that would strip your bones bare.

(panel from “Vengeance Will Be Mine” by Writer Unknown and Dick Giordano in The Thing #6, January 1953)

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2 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Day 3 – You dig?”

  1. Scholar-Gipsy

    Not to sound all maudlin, but my mother died two weeks ago, and the time since then has been chaos as I try to deal with all the postmortem bureaucracy and take care of my infirm dad. The Halloween Countdown, which I have looked forward to literally every year since 2007 or 2008, is a lifeline right now. If you wonder if you’re doing any good with these clever, often silly posts, trust me: you’re keeping me sane right now.

  2. bitterandrew

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Be strong, and I am beyond humbled by your praise.

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