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November 29th, 2018

I have a lot of feelings about the protracted demise of Sears. It’s sad to watch an icon implode, especially one that occupied such a prominent place in both cultural sphere and my formative years. There’s been a odd symmetry to witnessing my grandmother’s death and the shuttering of the former retail titan in space of a few months, as she viewed Sears as the apex of department stores. Each trip there was an event that went beyond running to Caldors or Bradlees for a new cardigan and set of drapes.

Their near-coterminous departures felt like a connection to a World That Was had been permanently severed — which I guess it was, for me.

But even beyond the personal musings about nostalgia and mortality, I am genuinely concerned about where folks will now acquire the essential accouterments for their EAT NUTS PARTIES.

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