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Funeral party like it’s

January 24th, 2019

On being a highlight reel of items from the January 1999 issue of Spin, which will induce crippling existential dread in folks of above a certain age and utter bafflement in those below it.

Management assumes no responsibility for any incidents of spontaneous desiccation that may occur.

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5 Responses to “Funeral party like it’s”

  1. Costa K

    Holy shit this is amazing.

  2. js

    That RZA poster still holds up, for mine.

  3. Scholar-Gipsy

    File me under “Crippling Existential Dread.”

  4. Thomas

    The thing that sent a chill up my spine all the way to my cerebral cortex?

    The reference to Circuit City…

  5. Ward Hill Terry

    Also bafflement for above a certain age!

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