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March 13th, 2020

Let it be known that I spent my 48th birthday on pandemic-induced furlough, eating junk food and watching the world burn.

Also, a happy birthday for fellow 313′er Mike Sterling, who owns the best dang comic shop on the planet. In fact, you should go buy something from him right now.

Recommended listening: There won’t be a birthday mix this year, because I’ve been too busy to curate one. You’ll just have to settle for this punk pop/mid revival obscurity.

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4 Responses to “48”

  1. Crowded House

    Happy Birthday Andrew! I wish you and Maura and the kid all the best!

  2. DACH

    Feliz Cumpleanos y buenos suerte! Thanks for keeping the blog fires burning!

  3. SJB

    Ah living in interesting times

  4. Snark Shark

    Happy birthday! yer as old as me!

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