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Now we are three

May 3rd, 2009

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Today marks the third anniversary of Armagideon Time. I don’t have anything profound to say about the occasion, just some heartfelt thanks to the various commenters and fellow bloggers who have offered kind words and support over the past thirty-six months.

I guess that’s about it, then, except for me to suggest that you check out the first comment on this post sometime before 7:00 PM EDT on May 8, 2009….

16 Responses to “Now we are three”

  1. bitterandrew

    The festivities continue here.

  2. rinjo njori

    Is it safe? :)

  3. Bully

    Happy happy, B.A.!

  4. Chris Sims

    Happy Awesomeversary, Andrew! Here’s to another three!

  5. Ken Lowery

    Hell yeah, happy third!

  6. Highlander

    Good work bitterandrew and long may it continue.

  7. Dave Lartigue

    Congrats! This is just about my favorite blog!

  8. Wolter


    I’ll take Joe Strummer to block.

  9. Kincsem1874

    I’m late to the party but Happy Blogaversary Andrew! My (first) Twitterversary is on the same day and that’s where I was introduced to this blog. COINCIDENCE?

  10. Dorian

    Happy Anniversary! You are the Alice to the kookiest mixed marriage ever!

  11. bitterandrew

    Thanks, everybody!

    (Yes, Pat Boone lives in eternal envy of Maura, and Jack of Hearts would like some “pawk chawps and applesawce.”)

  12. Professor Matthew

    Very cool. I’m impressed by your ability to put out such quality on such a regular schedule. Wish I could be half as consistent.

    You’re also the biggest “internet celebrity” to ever comment on one of my posts.

  13. brink.

    thanks for writing stuff worth reading.

    and streaming stuff worth hearing.

  14. themadblonde

    Here’s to many happy returns of the day! (& the blog, of course)

  15. Crowded House

    Happy Aniversary, and thanks for the gift in comment one. I hope this blog continues for as long as you’ve got something to say.

  16. Fluffrick

    Congratulations and best wishes – and thank you for continuing to bring me great comics of yore, video game musings and general common sense on a regular basis.

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