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Sick in the eye

August 6th, 2009

It’s going to be a busy day today, dysentery so you’ll have to content yourself with this treat from The Outsiders #2 (December 1985), a concept design of Looker which was apparently sketched by Walter Kovacs, age 11:

For those of you having trouble reading the design notes, here are a few choice (or “telling,” depending on one’s take on Freudian psychology) excerpts:

- Bow over left hip — feminine touch, very sexy

- High heels — sexy stance

- “Pupil” of eye design falls over nipple

The chronicle of the design process that accompanied the sketch notes that Looker’s costume was based on real-life examples of contemporary high fashion. I lived though that era, and witnessed more than my share of sartorial atrocities (indeed, my high school yearbook rivals the Necronomicon as a catalog of sanity-blasting nightmares), but I don’t recall there ever being a time when eye-boobs were “in.”

Other news:

- The second installment of Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. (written by pal Chris) has gone up at the Action Age site, and is well worth checking out.

- Pal Ken has also been busy, collaborating with a very talented crew of folks on Variants, a new and very well-done web series about the silly side of the comics retailing life.

- The always entertaining Tart recently celebrated her one-year anniversary as a music blogger. I know I’m repeating myself, but I don’t feel as bad about my move away from mp3 blogging knowing that there are people like her carrying the torch.

- Comrade Highlander illustrates there the is no social problem in Britain so great that it can’t be solved with CCTV surveillance and half-assed paternalism.

- New Hampshire Roller Derby’s final bout of the 2009 season is coming up on August 29 at the JFK Coliseum in Manchester. I strongly encourage all of my local readers to attend. And, no, the woman otherwise known as Trina Trioxin isn’t forcing me to say that.

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4 Responses to “Sick in the eye”

  1. Jon H

    “The chronicle of the design process that accompanied the sketch notes that Looker’s costume was based on real-life examples of contemporary high fashion.”

    Apparently the creator of Looker’s design was under the impression that the naff costumes on Solid Gold and Dance Fever were ‘high fashion’.

  2. Kincsem1874

    That sketch was painful to look at and contemplate. Please, in Superhero Heaven, don’t let me be Looker.

  3. Tart

    Oh lordy! Well darlin, you gave me and the missus quite a late night chuckle here :) And indeed, as I lived through that era at a slightly older age (slightly, ok, I said slightly, so stop your sniggering already!) I can absolutely guarantee you that there were no “eye-boobs” existing in the real world. None in any Sci-Fi that I can remember either.

    11 years old, eh? Wow, that was some pretty amazing tetris fatigue I’m guessing then.

    Thanks so very much for your kind words. You *do* realize that your support has been more than meaningful to me, I hope. And early on especially, I was and am still very flattered that you would even think my little blog project/filthy-mouthed scratching post was worth reading.

    The first thing I remember commenting on here at AT was your vacation timeline of sorts. It was hilariously funny and even though I never get the comic strip angle, the tunes and the sense of humor are always right up my alley. Of course you being a whacked out commie weirdo is just icing on the cake, darling xooxo

  4. Nate

    hey, yer a derby fan? Coming to Eastern Regionals?

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