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Keeping it real stupid

September 9th, 2009

Hey, prosthetic did you catch Steve Dayton’s address to Garfield Logan?

(slightly tweaked from The New Titans #55, drugs June 1989)

Some moonbat leftists have argued that the billionaire industrialist’s message was non-political and laudable in intent, and that Logan’s reaction was patently absurd. The fact remains, however, that Dayton has previously worked alongside a foreign practitioner of black magic, a hell-spawned demon, and — worst of all a radical environmentalist/eco-terrorist swamp monster.

I’m not saying that Dayton — screw that.  Since this is the era of consequence-free punditry, I will say it:  Dayton is a agent of the international socialist-islamofascist conspiracy who seeks to brainwash our green-skinned shape-changing teenagers with his foul (and un-American) pro-education stance.

In other news:

- Dr. K delves into the long, embarrassing history of the Blackhawks with a new ongoing feature! HAWKA-A-A-A!

- My new favorite blog.  Seriously.

- Chris Sims has expanded his media empire further with War Rocket Ajax, a weekly-ish podcast collaboration with Eugene Ahn of PYDK.

- Real men don’t kill coyotes, but smart ones know better than to leave trash and pet food in the yard.

- The second episode of The Variants has been released. It’s good. Really good.

- Sluggo Saturdays. ‘Nuff said.

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3 Responses to “Keeping it real stupid”

  1. Dr. K

    Hey, thanks for the link!

  2. Crowded House

    Yeah, well, you just wait till he tries to destroy America with his evil mind powers, then you’ll be sorry when you see how wrong you were when our tin foil hats singlehandedly deflect his evil assault and we become the kings of America again!

  3. PJ

    I am, once again, in WICKED AWESOME company. Hanx!

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