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Nobody’s Favorites: Long shot

January 18th, 2010

Sorry, medical kids. Between shoveling out from under the heaviest (by weight, ed not depth) snowfall in years and the dealing with most brutal sinus headache I’ve suffered in recent memory, website I find myself in no condition to give this week’s planned selection its ignominious due.

So let us instead take this time to honor a character who embodies the platonic ideal of Nobody’s Favorites…

…Professor Terry Long — classics professor, Donna Troy’s creepy boyfriend, and the vocalist for Eldorado, the fifth best ELO tribute band in the tri-state area.

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8 Responses to “Nobody’s Favorites: Long shot”

  1. Sallyp


    It’s not true! I can’t STAND Terry Long…even if my name is Sally!

  2. Nik

    Dang, I thought for sure this would be about the mutant with the mullet.

  3. Gil Roth

    I think public sentiment really turned against Terry Long when his role in the death of Len Bias was revealed.

  4. Martin Wisse

    Oh I don’t know. Yes, he was a total Marv Stu and somewhat creepy in hindsight, but I didn’t mind him at the time at all, actually quite liked the character…

  5. Decker

    Ugh – who’d Perez model Sally on? Mary Astor?

  6. Kid Kyoto

    Y’know I kind of like the idea of a superhero married to a normal person. Noble Causes made a good show of that. But then you consider how Donna was around 19, Terry late 20s, early 30s and her teacher. And he hit on Starfire in front of her… yeah. But y’know it would be kind of neat if Donna was one of those women who always manage to pick the wrong guy. It would give her a personality at least.

  7. nate

    Terry’s bachelor party introduced me to the idea of strippers jumping out of cakes.
    I was a young and impressionable lad.

  8. Snark Shark

    “strippers jumping out of cakes”

    that’s the SECOND best use for a cake!

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