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December 31st, 2008

The final hours of 2008 are upon us, plague and rather than pass judgement on the past twelve months in bullet-point format, buy I think it would be wiser to present this important nugget of advice culled from the pages of Nintendo Power:

drugs ooh, booge, ooge, ooge!” src=”” alt=”” width=”461″ height=”324″ />

Of course, one can’t properly “booge” without some proper “booge” music, and so I offer this humble suggestion for your edification and enjoyment…

Alan Moorehouse – Beatcoma (from Let’s Boogaloo, Vol. 3, 2007)

Happy New Year, folks! Here’s hoping for a better and brighter 2009.

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2 Responses to “Bah-buh-da-bah-bah!”

  1. PJ

    Best wishes to all of you all! Booge ON!

  2. Tart

    Ah we booged, a bit early, but we booged with the best of em… well the young of em at least! And a Happy New Year to you and the Missus and your menagerie from mine and ours. 2009 — more music, more laughs, more boging for sure, and def more Clash bro! xoxoxo

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