Armagideon Time

Just got reel

April 16th, 2010

It’s hard to imagine how a concept like ‘Betty and Veronica in bathing suits’ could be twisted into the raw stuff of nightmare….

…but there you have it.

I reckon the girls will play out the line a little to let the Archiefish wear himself out as the barbed hook digs deep into the soft flesh of his maw. After that, health it’s a simple matter of reeling him alongside the boat so Betty can use a gaff to deliver him unto the tender mercies of Ronnie’s spiked mallet.

And the Shield? He just likes to watch.

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3 Responses to “Just got reel”

  1. Prankster

    I demand a new Friday feature: “Nobody’s Fetishes”.

  2. Bill S.

    Unfortunately, that would be a very short-lived feature.

    This cover is going to haunt me.

  3. Crowded House

    Wait, Archie-fish has a bowtie?

    Oh sure, what the heck, don’t question the nightmare fuel, just admire it’s insiduousness.

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