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Evildoers and small rodents, internist beware!  The Owl is on the prowl!

Hoo…excuse me, viagra buy “who” is The Owl? 

He’s police detective Dick Terry, sickness a forgotten Golden Age “mystery man” dusted off by the folks at Gold Key in 1967 to cash in on the success of the live action Batman TV series.  Even better, they got Superman co-creator (and poster child for creative decline) Jerry Siegel to script the exploits  of the so-called “Prince of Avengers” and his shapely sidekick Owl Girl…thus insuring that The Owl would be to Batman ’66 what the Mighty Comics Group was to Silver Age Marvel.

Rocking a lavender unitard and fearsome google-eyed face mask…

…along with a squadron of robotic “Owlos” and some of the most advanced anti-crime technologies ever devised…

…the Owl went through the crimefighting motions with the demeanor and awful avian puns expected of a bottom-rung knock-off of a wildly popular character. 

Whether battling a legion of bird-headed dudes in business suits who used a giant pelican-shaped plane to rob banks, stopping some beatnik musicians in skull masks from stealing Mount Rushmore, or making reluctant kissy-face with a groupie while an enraged Owl Girl got ready to bash in his skull with a clawhammer, the Owl consistently maintained his expression of weary (yet goggle-eyed) resignation…making him the most self-aware Nobody’s Favorite selection to date.

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10 Responses to “Nobody’s Favorites: Dud from the shoulder of Pallas”

  1. Sallyp

    Nobody’s favorite? I’ve never even heard of him, but he…he’s simply magnificent!

  2. Brimstone

    that ‘Ga Ga’ panel makes me want to become a Little Monster just so i can post that on every Lady Gaga board

  3. Bill S.

    I’m with Sally: this edition (rather perversely) actually made me want to seek out the comics. I mean, why is he in a tree, hooting forlornly? Why does his gun shoot rainbows? These are the questions I must have answers to!

  4. Jeff R.

    Argh. I swear that I’ve seen the phrase “the unique ability to render my foes ga-ga” somewhere else, so now I’m left wondering exactly who chose to reference this moldy-oldie.

    Maybe Ambush Bug?

  5. bitterandrew

    The two issue World’s Worst Comics Awards published by Kitchen Sink in 1990 nominated that line for the “wretched dialogue” category.

  6. Abie the Fish Peddler

    How can you deal with the Owl, and not mention “Bird Gang Rock”?

    This appears on the inside back cover of THE OWL #1 (Gold Key did not put advertising on its covers back then). It is a full page drawing of that issue’s villains (a bunch of guys in bird masks) posing on a mountainside, and spouting these lines (which are decorated with musical notes): “I’m the Pelican plane, and I’ve got the loot!/It’s good you came or you’d get the boot!/You tell ‘em, Eagle, cause you’re backed by the Vulture!/He’s for the birds! His crimes all lack culture!”

    See, it’s a bunch of gangsters boasting to music. That’s right. Jerry Siegel did not only create Superman. He invented gansta rap.

  7. bitterandrew

    I was saving it for a low content post!

  8. Scott Rowland

    You’ve got to get a copy of the Dr. Spektor comic that revived him for a guest appearance 10 years later. It was a post-Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams version of the Owl. Grimmer and grittier, if you will.

  9. Scipio


    Yes, really. But hey I was four years old.

    And I SHOUTED out loud when I saw that I was not the only person who remembered him.

  10. Metacrock

    This is not the original golden age owl. The charter in the Golden age was a lot better. His costume was brown not gray. He was published by Dell. In the 50′s or 60′s he had a short revival by gold key with a few modern stories that’s where he had the campy wise cracks and so forth. It’s quite a shame to see him this way because the original character was really good. In the final analysis however he was just a knock off of Batman. On the other most superheroes were knock offs. Greek Arrow came after four other guys for companies were Arrow, including Golden and scarlet arrows. Black Canary may have been inspired by Centaur’s “Blue Lady.”

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