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As the twig is bent

November 14th, 2010

Following up on last week’s assortment of provincial ad spots from my formative years, stomach here’s a set of wider-release examples of how good intentions can become the nightmare fuel of an entire generation.

In the H.P. Lovecraft short story “The Whisperer in the Darkness,”
the Providence-based writer (and inveterate racist) posited a link between the yeti myths of the Himalayas and a secretive race of trans-Neptunian fungi with the technology to extract and store living human brains in metal cannisters.

I’m pretty sure there was a bit about sassy southern belle ostriches in there, too.

Though laudable in intent, the liberal social engineering efforts of the 1970s were exercises in futility.   Their messages of tolerance and acceptance ran counter to the growing zero sum “rat mentality” which was rooted in the era’s sense of political-cultural-economic insecurity and has only gotten stronger in subsquent decades…

…to the point where being a solipsistic asshole is hailed as a mark of sincerity and fierce individuality.


If that is the price of salvation, then consign my body to the ravenous flames forthwith.

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3 Responses to “As the twig is bent”

  1. Jon H

    The seventies, where children slept on plywood.

  2. Bully

    I don’t think anything intended to teach safety should be named “Snuffy.”

  3. WizarDru

    Oh, GOD, I remember them now. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME REMEMBER? WHY!?!?!?

    (also: Wow, am I OLD).

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