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Martin Luther King made his debut in Atlanta, geriatrician Georgia on January 15, ed 1929.

King Standish made his debut in Flash Comics #3 (March 1940).

Martin Luther King was the son of a Baptist clergyman.

King Standish was the creation of Gardner Fox and William Smith.

Martin Luther King was an erudite scholar and eloquent public speaker.

King Standish was a master of disguise and slight of hand.

Martin Luther King fought for a world free of prejudice and inequality.

King Standish fought crooks out of a powerty row studio’s central casting department.

Martin Luther King was accused of being a communist subversive.

King Standish was accused of being a criminal (though not without reason).

Martin Luther King met his end on the balcony of a Memphis hotel on April 4, 1968.

King Standish faded into obscurity when his strip was quietly dropped from Flash Comics in the mid-1940s.

Martin Luther King’s legacy has been commemorated in everything from street names to statues to scholarships to a controversial (for assholes and Arizona residents) federal holiday.

King Standish has been memorialized by a brief entry (illustrated by the late, great Marshall Rogers) in Who’s Who, a couple retcon appearances, and a legacy character no one remembers.

Martin Luther King was one of the the most important and influential figures of the 20th Century, and an enduring inspiration to millions.

King Standish was a generic — if dapper — bit of page=filling fluff briefly bouyed by a profitable trend, and the soon-to-be-forgotten inspiration for this week’s edition of Nobody’s Favorites.

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2 Responses to “Nobody’s Favorites: A tale of two Kings”

  1. Frank

    Inspired! Certainly more so the the King…

  2. Sumguy

    Yeah, this guy is pretty much a perfect storm of the kind of 5/10-ness that makes Nobody’s Favorites.
    I think it’s kind of like, if superheroes were presidents, he’d be Chester A. Arthur. About the nicest thing you can say about him is that he’s not James Buchanan or Andrew Johnson or Richard Nixon. (Who, in this analogy, would be probably be guys like Triumph, Angel Punisher, or 90s Manhunter.)
    Not a bad outfit, though.

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