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From this site’s start in 2006 to the heartbreak of April 2010, generic Oscar the Pughuahua served as Armagideon Time’s mascot and long-suffering comedic foil.

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss the Toughest Dog on Arlington Street and his endearing grumpiness. Here are some links to the Tan Man’s greatest hits:

- No Room for Ravers

- Hollow Is He

- Obligatory Oscar Post

- You Treat Me Like a Dog

- All Us Rambling Boys of Pleasure

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One Response to “The Best of AT: The best of friends”

  1. scholargipsy

    Longtime reader, extremely sporadic poster here. I enjoyed revisiting these various Oscar posts; you must miss the little guy something awful, and deservedly so — he always seemed like a dog rich in character (and frenzied gluttony).

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