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Hear me roar

November 6th, 2012

Fifties dad…

…has a copy of “Howl” hidden inside this week’s issue of the Saturday Evening Post.

I never fell for the hype. I was too familiar with the cultural and institutional landscape to fall for a bunch of homilies, thumb no matter how uplifting they were.

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Even so, look I was glad when the results came in that night. They may not have heralded a radical transfomation, but they did mark another welcome step towards fulfilling a promise that had felt all but abandoned in recent times.

It did not take the sting from the inevitable feelings of disappointment which soon followed.

The bulk of my ire, however, was reserved for those useless souls who swayed so easily to the reverberations of the echo chamber, and turned against sincere efforts taken to make their lives better…or, at least, not as catastrophic as they could have been.

At this stage, I have no illusions and few expectations. This is no longer about utopian daydreams. It is about seeing the shitstains in the opposing camp get knocked flat on their flabby, white asses.

Recommended listening: Thirty-one more years.

(panels from “Mr. Tawny, Fighting Mayor” in Captain Marvel Adventures #123; August 1951)

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6 Responses to “Hear me roar”

  1. Tristan

    True Tales of 2008: I’m a Canadian, so I had an admitted advantage in resisting the leftist (maybe ‘left-ish’ might be the better term) hype, but I predicted fairly early on that a lot of the people who were super-excited at the time would turn pretty quickly when the realities of presidential power and two-party politics prevented 100% free health care, Guantanamo being launched into the sun, etc. But I only started to get an inkling of just how ugly, bitter, and counterproductive the manifestation of the disappointment would be after the major networks had called the outcome. I was on a now defunct news aggregator/messageboard, and responded to someone’s celebratory joke about no longer having the dumbest head of state in the west or something along those lines with some innocuous, light-hearted quip of my own, something like “don’t get too cocky”, just ribbing about the general air of ecstatic enthusiasm rather than the specific post. I was immediately mobbed by a torrent of disproportionately angry responses. I can’t remember any specific lines, but several chose to take it as me insulting Obama’s intelligence, there may have been some implication that I was doing so for racist reasons, and there was a general weird undercurrent of xenophobia. That kind of defensive enthusiasm doesn’t dim when it gets let down so much as it inverts into contempt. Sure enough, the same dudes who ganged up on me were the first of the site’s many self-proclaimed liberals to start embracing rhetoric that had begun as Republican talking points as proof that Obama had ‘let them down’.

  2. Tristan

    Jesus, sorry for not breaking that up.

  3. Aberration, The

    Pah. Every four years the pseudoprogressives scuttle out from under their rocks to pretend that the Ds and Rs are “exactly the same,” and that a third party, one forever untouched by vice, can be built from the top down.

    This time, they came out baying and screeching that Obama had “betrayed” them because he didn’t use his unquestioned dictatorial powers to fulfill every single promise they told themselves he had made, and demanded everyone throw their vote to the wind, fall down, play dead, and let the Rs have it again. (Each time a few will ultimately confess to a “destroy the village in order to save it” philosophy; if the Rs make everyone sufficiently miserable, we’ll all turn Marxist and whammo: Workers’ Paradise! I know, it sounds insane when I say it like that.)

    This time, people knew enough about Romney (and remembered enough about Cheney/Bush), and experienced, genuine liberals called their nonsense in sufficient numbers, that the pseudoprogressives didn’t get their fervent wish for a GOP victory. But you will not see them trying to build their new, pure party in the months to come; they will vanish like a wet fart in a cold wind only to start their blinkered, egomaniacal horseshit again in three and a half years.

    Now it’s time for McConnell the Human Turkey, Orange Boehner, and Eric Can’t to scuttle out from under THEIR rocks and continue to attempt to stymie every effort by Obama, following their own “destroy the village” plan as designed by self-proclaimed genius Newt Gingrich.

    Isn’t it amazing what the Republicans and pseudoprogressives have in common? Who’s “exactly the same”?

    But just maybe, as the Teabagger Tidal Wave of Triumph recedes, leaving behind like all tidal waves a swath of devastation for someone else to clean up, the GOP might choose to clean its own act up as well. Stranger things have happened.

  4. Tristan

    RE: “unquestioned dictatorial powers”

    You just reminded me: one of the loopier guys on that old messageboard I mentioned, after about a year or so under Obama, expressed anger and frustration that Obama hadn’t started ‘disappearing’ the bad people. He sincerely believed that the President has secret death squads and detention camps that he personally and with oversight directs, and his only problem with this fantasy scenario was that they weren’t being used enough to get rid of all those horrible people who don’t think like him.

  5. Harley McCarthy

    Any chance we can get Talky Tawny, the Fighting Mayor, to run for the midterm elections?

    That is, provided Johns and company don’t completely fuck him up in the reboot. If they use him at all in yet another ill advised attempt to make the Big Red Cheese “relevant” and completely miss the point of the character.

    In all seriousness though, I just hope we keep our eyes on the prize, stay focused on the midterms, and, as stated above, get John of Orange, Wattles, and that smarmy little prick who I can’t think of a name for out of office. Are any of them up for reelection in the midterm? Oh, and especially Jim DeMint.

  6. Snark Shark

    “Orange Boehner”


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