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Yes, you did

November 7th, 2012

Warren, price Baldwin, price Duckworth, and McCaskill triumphant.

Maryland, Maine, Washington, and Minnesota doing the right thing.

Akin and Mourdock rightfully flushed down the hopper of history.

The glorious sight of delusional reactionaries getting dope-slapped by the reality they’d vociferously (and expensively) denied.

A plutocratic cipher taken down by an incumbent president saddled with problematic fundamentals.

It could have been a rout. The barbarians could have cast down the last tattered vestiges of civil society and social justice, but they didn’t.

Why? Because we pulled together and fought hard. Because we looked into the vacant, hungry eyes of the opposition and were terrified of what we saw. While the crazies overplayed their hand, we stood firm and pushed not only back, but forward as well.

It wasn’t a perfect victory, but it was a resounding one. Take pride in these accomplishments; they were well and ably won.

Yet do not forget what made this happen, or assume that the job has passed from your hands. Do not fall into complacency or harbor delusions about either our strength or the oppostion’s weakness.

Do not let the elected beneficiaries of our struggle take our efforts for granted. Make your aspirations clear. Maintain the pressure.

We made this happen, working shoulder to shoulder if not always eye to eye. Do not lose sight of that, or of the essential work that still remains to be done.

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9 Responses to “Yes, you did”

  1. Cary

    Fox News did an article about the way media bias helped Obama beat Romney (suspiciously early this morning). One of their examples? Too much fact-checking. I shit you not.

    When I say the Religious Right disregards objective reality, people think think I’m being unfair. The best thing this election did was to show the last few holdouts that Republicans have become living editorial cartoons.

  2. bitterandrew

    It’s not just the religious crowd at this stage. Die-hard conservatives have developed an entire fantasy universe to inhabit.

  3. Sallyp

    Oh it was epic. And I’ll never have to watch a Linda McMahon attack ad again!

  4. Jon H

    I love that Linda McMahon has spent $97 million on two Senate races and lost both.

    And I love that so much GOP money was pissed away in general via PACs and super-PACs and whatnot.

  5. Jon H

    My only disappointments: Bachmann won, and it looks like Romney’s popular vote total won’t wind up at 47%.

    It would be so beautiful if his run were forever associated with that number, in the historical election data itself, even after the 47% gaffe itself is forgotten.

  6. Decker

    In Columbus, the Dems were handing out placards at their party with our crap Governor and the phrase “2014 – You’re next.” Watching Obama’s victory speech, I wish he had thrown in a something like, “Hey, don’t forget the midterms this time, right?”

  7. Mike Loughlin

    I’m happy the Republicans lost the presidency and the Senate majority. I’m very worried complacency will set in among the victors. The last thing we need is for the Democrats to get gun-shy or compromise their declared values.

  8. damanoid

    Thank you, America, for remaining sensible. Honestly though, it really shouldn’t even have been that close, given the choices. We need to work on that.

    Is there any chance of getting those people in Guantanamo sorted out now? That would be good, I think.

  9. Harley McCarthy

    I was admittedly a little scared after the first debate. There’s just no reason to let such a gaffe prone sock puppet as Romney control any debate. Ever. Add in all that Super PAC money, and I actually had an excuse to get blotto drunk every night.

    I’d almost like to think it was almost a rope-a-dope strategy, letting Romney expose himself, and then come out swinging after his defenses were exposed. Still, I’m thankful Obama got his act together fast enough, held the center of the ring in the next debate, and cut the ring off in the third.

    It was all worth it in the end, just to see MC Rove, Hannity, Coulter, Morris and all the rest blow their collective tops off. It was even more rewarding than watching Kobe cry.

    Speaking of guns, I was just reading today that two weeks after Jared Loughner shot Gabby Giffords, the Arizona State Legislature named an official state handgun.

    I just hope we stay on top of things and don’t count the pasty old sacks of flesh out for the midterms.

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