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Neither ruler nor ruled

January 30th, 2013

While surveying the shitstorm of criticism and disgust directed at Southie Rules, public health I could help thinking of a certain resident of South Boston who would have made a more interesting subject for televisual entertainment:

A grumpy sixty-five year old ex-PSYOPS noncom with degenerative spinal injury, a huge library of history books, and a 2009 Mustang convertible.

When he isn’t doting on his fuzzy feline companion, he offers excessively complex solutions to minor problems experienced by his two adult sons.

Not only did he once stake out a crackhouse as a favor for a friend (which is how he became known as “the guy with the snakes”) but also has a horrible pun or grotesque historical analogy for every social situation.

Most importantly, he actually has an authentic Boston accent.

So if basic cable network execs are reading this, give me a call and let’s work out a deal. America needs The Gus Chronicles.

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