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Yamma yamma ding ding

March 7th, 2013

Maybe, sales but Dern would just be finishing the job Adam himself began with the excremental Vive Le Rock.

Oh, weight loss do you think I’m being too harsh on that 1985 crime against vinyl?

I’d say I’m not being harsh enough by half.

World Gone Wild is one of those flicks I theoretically should enjoy, but could never work up even a “guilty pleasure” level of enthusiasm about. The same applies to most of the post-apoc action romps which served as the Reagan Era’s answer to the low-budget “oaters” of previous generations.

Maybe it my awareness of the realistic consequences of a nuclear holocaust made it difficult to suspend my disbelief in the cartoony parables about civilization and barbarism. Or maybe my youthful appetite for desert battles between mohawked neo-tribal warlords in scuzzed up dune buggies wasn’t as large as it could have been.

Now that I think of it, my apathy regarding World Gone Wild probably has more to do with a rather annoying member of the college Sci-Fi Club who insisted that it (along with Robot Jox) was an “important development in genre cinema.”

I’m glad I remembered that. ┬áNow I don’t have to feel residual guilt about the time he walked across campus in the rain after a friend and I lied and told him we saw one of his long-distance crushes at the bus stop.

Yeah, I was kind of a dick back then, but at least I’ll go to my grave with a conscience free of fulsome praise for Robot Jox.

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5 Responses to “Yamma yamma ding ding”

  1. Crowded House

    Adam Ant attempts to ape Sigue Sigue Sputnik, but there can only be one Sigue Sigue Sputnik!

    I guess I could consider Robot Jox an important development in genre cinema in the same way developing gonorrhea could be considered “an important development.”

  2. Sir A1!

    Come on now— ROBOJOX (I recognize it by no other name) had stop-motion. Stop-motion will always be cool no matter what that Seth Green does on his bong-fueled action figure sketch show.

  3. Alan Bryan

    I’ve enjoyed Adam Ant and for some reason the ONLY album I can’t tolerate is STRIP. Viva La Rock sounds like New Wave Electric Light Orchestra. Apollo 9 is silly fun. by the way I’m 53 and like both the New Adam Ant and the New David Bowie. Great site you have

  4. Harvey Jerkwater

    Ye gods. So “World Gone Wild” is the spiritual ancestor of straight-to-DVD/SyFy Originals of today that ram a lot of “cool” tropes together with a “knowing wink,” and fail utterly? Like “Cowboy Zombies versus Vampire Pirates! Starring Flo Rida and Tom Wopat!”

    Movies that set out to be cult movies are as unendurable as film gets.

  5. Jess Gulbranson

    Harvey- yep. I remember being a kid and seeing the poster for this in the video store and thinking, “holy shit, Adam Ant is in The Road Warrior.” Later on I worked with a guy, and I’m not even kidding- this was his favorite movie. He loaned it to me, I watched it and was not impressed. My ex-wife donated the VHS to Goodwill, so my coworker was pissed and as a failed hostage exchange type situation, kept my sweet 60s paperback of “Morning of the Magicians”. Fuck.

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