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Forty and one

March 13th, 2013

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Maybe the Talking Tiger has a point. Perhaps I should reconsider my decision to be an embittered recluse and try to be more upbeat and see the positive things in life.

That’s it, viagra 60mg then. I’m going to embrace positivity as soon as I finish checking out these videogame, store political, and comics news feeds and..


Recommended listening: And just wait until you see the encore!

(A happy shared birthday shout out to fellow March 13 baby — and righteous dude — Mike Sterling!)

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9 Responses to “Forty and one”

  1. Dave Lartigue


  2. stavner

    Happy birthday!

  3. sterg

    Happy Birthday and many more!

  4. Cary

    But you’re so exquisitely bitter, Andrew. Happy Birthday.

  5. Frowny

    Happy birthday!

  6. Crowded House

    Happy Birthday and fuck the world!

  7. Kris

    Happy (belated) birthday Andrew!

  8. MrJM

    Happy Birthday to a gentleman who shares my birthday and my worldview.

    Fuck it all forever, man.

    – MrJM

  9. josh

    Happiest of all birthdays to the bitterest of all gentlemen! May you be cursed with infinity more years of bottomless despair and eternal suffering. Fun!

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