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Foul is a fair listen

March 25th, 2013

Do you think the person who coined “Generation Hex” still has flashbacks to that fleeting moment of triumph, disinfection an entire lifetime justified and subsequently overshadowed by one serendiptiously marketable pun?

I didn’t have the (mis)fortune of seeing The Craft during its theatrical run, physician unlike (or perhaps “because of”) my creepy friend who boasted about attending a midnight screening with a bunch of high school girls. I ended up seeing it in the way most people have — as the lesser of basic cable evils during a bout of lazy unproductivity.

My wife actually owns the film on DVD, despite her repeated assertions about “not really liking it or any of the cast members apart from Cliff DeYoung, and only because he played a huge asshole in Glory.” The only things I can remember about it were Letters to Cleo’s crimes against a classic Cars track, how much Robin Tunney resembled a mopey Marcia Brady, and tempest of scenery chewing that passed for Fairuza Balk’s “performance.”

The Craft did, however, lend direct inspiration (and Love Spit Love’s Smiths cover theme song) to Charmed, so it wasn’t a totally wasted effort.

Recommended listening: Have I mentioned that I’ve seen every episode at least three times? Because I have.

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2 Responses to “Foul is a fair listen”

  1. Jack Feerick

    Interesting concept for the soundtrack—it was all covers, right? Never had much use for Love Spit Love’s take on “How Soon Is Now”—it just seemed surplus to requirements, you know?—but Juliana Hatfield’s c0ver of Marianne Faithfull was pretty outstanding; it really brought something new to the piece.

  2. Bill D.

    I’m willing to forgive a lot if Juliana Hatfield is involved. Even that episode of My So Called Life.

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