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Saturdays with Streaky #63

August 3rd, 2013

(DC Direct stuffed Streaky toy, advice 2002)

I regret I missed out on getting one of these back in the day. Not enough to be willing to pay the insane secondary market asking price, though.

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5 Responses to “Saturdays with Streaky #63”

  1. Cary

    First you have to buy a similar sized Superman doll to explain where he got his cape from.

  2. Bill D.

    There was a dad at Boston Comic Con yesterday walking around with his daughter dressed as Supergirl, and she had a custom-made plush Streaky that put that DC Direct one to shame. The woman who made it was set up in artist alley (forget her name/her business’s name, unfortunately), but she did fantastic work… didn’t have anything like that for sale, apparently it was a pre-order, but still, just great stuff.

  3. bitterandrew

    That is the best thing ever.

  4. Greg

    That is funny. I saw that same kid and asked her and her dad where they got the Streaky from. They told me where to find the booth.

  5. Tec15

    That’s supposed to be Streaky? Looks more like an off brand Simba to me. Did DC Direct source form the same manufacturers as Disney?

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