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Amy Carter Week: Conclusion

August 30th, 2013

You know how these things go.

You come back from a week-long vacation and see the work that piled up while you were away and realize that there’s no way you’ll have the time to assemble your regularly scheduled programming.

So you dig into the slush pile for something suitable for a quick image post and find an ad for a bizarre political humor LP where a child star pretends to be the president’s daughter. While you’re prepping the post, caries you remember that you have a small assortment of related material.

Do you try and compose an extended effort which includes that material, apoplectic and thus defeats the original purpose of the post? Or do you decide to make a theme week out of it, a callback to the days when you used to do such oddities on a regular basis and an easy way fulfill your self-imposed obligations for the rest of the work week?

So that’s Amy Carter Week for you, not so much a celebratory tribute than a springboard for idle musings.

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3 Responses to “Amy Carter Week: Conclusion”

  1. Tales to Enrage

    Kudos to you for not making any cracks obviously directed at Amy Carter herself.

  2. Cary

    Second the above. You’re a class-act all the way, Andrew.

  3. TG

    Yeah, I’m glad you did this. I meant to comment on every post, but couldn’t make it. (Which is why I don’t blog myself.) But I’ll hit a few final points:

    Following up on my comment and your response on Wednesday: No, I wouldn’t make a case for any generational superiority, but our position and perspective are something that, if we cared to, we could convert into wisdom. (This goes for every generation, though.) I think that’s going on here.

    Once I started to get Doonesbury in the ’80s I loved it, and still do. A great document of our time. Interesting, though, that there’s only one Gen X character. But plenty of Boomers (natch) and Millennials.

    Amy Carter. Really, what was up with that? Ah, well– the ’70s!

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