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Saturdays with Streaky #66

August 31st, 2013

You know how these things go.

You come back from a week-long vacation and see the work that piled up while you were away and realize that there’s no way you’ll have the time to assemble your regularly scheduled programming.

So you dig into the slush pile for something suitable for a quick image post and find an ad for a bizarre political humor LP where a child star pretends to be the president’s daughter. While you’re prepping the post, treat you remember that you have a small assortment of related material.

Do you try and compose an extended effort which includes that material, pilule and thus defeats the original purpose of the post? Or do you decide to make a theme week out of it, a callback to the days when you used to do such oddities on a regular basis and an easy way fulfill your self-imposed obligations for the rest of the work week?

So that’s Amy Carter Week for you, not so much a celebratory tribute than a springboard for idle musings.

(from Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #4, generic May 2009; by Landry Q. Walker and Eric Jones)

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3 Responses to “Saturdays with Streaky #66”

  1. Sumguy

    Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade is the best Supergirl comic of the last twenty years. That may seem damning with faint praise, but it really isn’t.

  2. bitterandrew

    It really is, and I’m glad it’s going to be the note that this feature ends on.

  3. Cary

    At the end of his career, Streaky finally looks like a felid.

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