Armagideon Time

This is the final installment of my exploration of horror themes in early 1950s Captain Marvel Adventures stories. While there’s quite a bit of ground I didn’t get to cover (perhaps I’ll pick up the thread again during next year’s countdown), order I thought it only right and proper to close things out with a panel in which a longstanding AT favorite got into the spooky spirit of things…

It’s from “Captain Marvel Fights the Tiger Terror” which appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #142 (March 1953). If that wholesome, stuff kid-friendly teaser has left you hungry for additional context, Pal Dorian did a write up of the tale a few years back. (He has also been conducting his own Spooky Month festivities, which are well worth checking out.)

Recommended listening: Birdsongs of the Mesozoic – The Tyger (from Magnetic Flip, 1984)

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Escaping your certain fate is one thing. Escaping the sinister allure of progressive rock instrumentals is another matter entirely.

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3 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: October 26 – The forest of the night”

  1. sallyp

    Holy Moley! Throat punctures and tiger murder! And yet…still so much better than so many of the comics today.

  2. damanoid

    S = wisdom of Solomon
    H = strength of Hercules
    A = stamina of Atlas
    Z = power of Zeus
    U = courage of Uranus
    R = memory of Reagan
    G = wit of Gallagher
    L = patience of cousin Larry from “Perfect Strangers”
    E = majesty of Princess Equestria

  3. bitterandrew


    Would laugh out loud again.

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