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Here’s the Japanese flyer for Data East’s Captain America and The Avengers arcade game…

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…which was a much-played favorite of mine back in 1991, though it now serves as a testament to the inflationary effects of nostalgia. It’s still an enjoyable quarter-munching romp, but the graphics and gameplay lack the levels of polish that Capcom and Konami would bring to later licensed superhero beat ‘em ups like The Punisher and X-Men.

Like many Japanese coin-op flyers of the era, the two-sided piece of promo paper was split between explosive hype and instructional info geared as much for individual joystick jockeys as it was for arcade owners.

The game’s North American flyer, on the other hand, was all business…

…reinforced by an illustration of the titular character plucked straight out of the fan-art pages of Amazing Heroes?

The mercenary frankness of the ad copy might come as a shock to those poor benighted souls who still ascribe higher motivations to their corporate-contrived hobbies…

…while the Living Legend himself mouths a wistful reminder that there was a time when comics were the tail that wagged the licensened merch hound, rather than the diseased appendix they’ve since become.

Depressing? Sure, but it was still several cuts above the promo sheet for the next arcade outing of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…

…which dropped the hard sell in favor of some weapons grade nightmare fuel.

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6 Responses to “The Long Game: No assembly required”

  1. Zeno

    Ah, who could forget the Avengers’ matching brown leather jacket period, to say nothing of !#@%king Thunderstrike?

    I think you forgot the “Terrible 90′s” tag for this post.

  2. Tim O'Neil

    So do I get points for observing that Thunderstrike didn’t even exist during OPERATION: GALACTIC STORM? Eric Masterson was Thor during the period – while Thor was believed dead – but he wasn’t Thunderstrike for a couple more years, after Thor returned and Odin gave Masterson the Thunderstrike mace.

  3. Tristan

    It looks like he’s throwing his shield away in disgust.

  4. kidnicky

    I don’t remember that second game at all. I’m not even sure who 2 of the people are. Cap and Thunderstrike, sure, but who’s the other guy and the girl? Wasp?

  5. Snark Shark

    “Cap and Thunderstrike, sure, but who’s the other guy and the girl?”

    Black Knight and Sersi?

  6. fk2

    Nope, it’s 90s Crystal, Quicksilver’s then-wife

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